Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Tough

There's no excuse for my lack of posting/activity on this blog of late other than I'm busy, distracted, and lazy. It's been a weird winter so far, with sketchy waterfowl hunting, sketchier snow pack, and variable temps ranging from frigid to balmy. So although I have done some recreating here and there, there's hardly been anything consistent to write home about (literally, since I think my Dad is the only person who reads this), and I certainly haven't found the motivation to script volumes of cyber-prose about how awesome my adventures have been recently.
Now that school has started back up, I've found myself even more pressed for time, distracted by challenging projects to work on, new software to learn, and pretty girls to chase. To make matters worse, the weather the past few weekends has been unseasonably pleasant, and since I figure we'll probably be f@#ked come August because of it, I may as well go fishing now while the water's still cold. So yes, some trout have been caught in 2010, and there are skwala nymphs that are starting to get a little bigger and a little closer to shore with every 40 degree day in the Bitterroot valley. The forecast for the Clearwater valley is also remarkably mild for the next week or two, so we're all optimistic the water will bump soon (eventually?) and the freakishly big boys will make a push upstream, a little closer to home where we can get to 'em.

So hopefully you'll understand if my posts on here are somewhat less than consistent in the coming weeks/months (years); I'm well-aware this earns me few bonus points in the blogging biz where shiny pretty consistency is the name of the game, but that's the way it goes. I wish I could promise it will get better once things start happening this spring, but in reality we all know that won't happen either. The fact of the matter is, the more stuff there is to do outside, the less likely I am to want to be inside hunched over this computer spewing literary vomit out across the airwaves. So check out BS Missoula, bear with me, and go outside and do something instead of sitting on the internet reading someone else's stupid blog all day.

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