Friday, February 25, 2011

Wow for Wednesday.

Lookout for La Niña from Evan Phillippe on Vimeo.

An interesting phenomenon around here at these little Mom & Pop ski areas that we frequent in western Montana is the Powder Wednesday. When you're in the business of selling people rides up a snow-covered mountain, I'm not sure why you would ever close your lifts down mid-week, particularly during an epic winter like the one that's currently kicking us in the mouth. But they do. Whether it's to save money, give the employees the day off, or simply let the snow have a chance to recover (deepen?), closing your doors on Tuesday--when inadvertently timed with an approaching storm cycle that rolls in Monday afternoon--can lead to sickeningly epic shit Wednesday morning. Freshies? Try "waisties."


  1. Great video! I didn't realize that boys from Arkansas could ski powder like that? Also, what's the name of that tune? It kinda put me in a trance!

    Ben "KP's jealous friend in AR"

  2. Thanks! That track is called "Finally Moving" by Pretty Lights. Look for a new edit coming shortly.