Thursday, March 31, 2011

The mark of the Beast

For the past several weeks, everything's been hunky-freaking-dory. Skwalas started. Drakes are on the way. Fishing's been good (hence the infrequency of my posts). I even bought a new truck. As I approach a five day run of work, it would seem like things are hard pressed to be looking any brighter. Then this:
Flow on the Bitterroot at Bell Crossing? 666 cfs and climbing. By climbing I mean the reverse of skydiving. Is that line vertical?? 666. Beelzebub's unforgiving fist has fallen on the Missoula fishery in the form of poorly-timed rainfall, and my clients the next several days are the unsuspecting victims. Sorry boys. You just don't fuck with the Devil.

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